Leisure and Social

  • Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM

    Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM is a community radio station. By definition, this means that the station exists to support and grow our community by offering a broadcast voice to those groups and individuals who don’t currently have the opportunity ...

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  • Egmont Classic Car Register

    Our club motto is, "if you think your car is a classic, or a future classic, you are welcome to join our club". In other words, we are a diverse bunch of car enthusiasts who enjoy a wide range of cars and motoring related activities. Our monthly ...

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  • Farmers Market Taranaki Trust

    Farmers Market Taranaki Trust organises and runs the Taranaki Farmers Market. Each Sunday from 9 to 12, in either Currie Street in summer, or on Huatoki Plaza in winter, Local, smallscale growers and producers sell their produce directly to the ...

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  • Mahoe Branch Rural Women New Zealand

    Our branch is part of a national organisation that grows dynamic communities through learning opportunities, advocacy and connections. Rural Women New Zealand are involved in education, health, land use and social issues and are respected ...

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