Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM


Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM is a community radio station. By definition, this means that the station exists to support and grow our community by offering a broadcast voice to those groups and individuals who don’t currently have the opportunity to broadcast to their own and other communities. ‘By’, ‘for’ and ‘about’ – are the three essential words in the world of community Access broadcasting. ‘For’ and ‘about’ are objectives of all public broadcasters, but the word that sets Access broadcasting apart is that little one: ‘by’. In community Access broadcasting, the people are at the centre of the process and there is no editor. Real people are making local radio that is vital, engaging, representative and unique, reflecting our many cultures and collectives as well as some of our most colourful individuals and interests.



Primary Contact

Anne Dawson


021 415 123

Physical Address View Map

Shop 4, Toptown

119-123 Devon Street East

New Plymouth


Postal Address

PO Box 445

New Plymouth